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From the movie of the same name. I love the movie and love the song.



Sorry for the shitty Office video. Song gets kind of warped, too, oh well. Lyrics below the cut. I love Ben Folds.

smile like you've got nothing to proveCollapse )


Lily Allen's cover of Britney Spears' "Womanizer." I love it. (Mostly I love Lily Allen.)

Amazing music, amazing animation, amazing movie.

Happy post-election day!

(a veces gano, a veces pierdo...)

Watching this video made me laugh harder than I have in months. The best thing is not the unexpected dogs or the confused angels but the fact that this is the real video. Just watch it. You might pee your pants.

J'aime cette chanson. (ouais)

useless_facts tells me that CPR works best to the beat of this song.

Too bad their hair and clothes have gone beyond the valley of the absurd into the land of the horrifying. Scary.

This is a song about a Vespa that my Italian AT showed us yesterday afternoon. Em, wouldn't Ms. Comiskey be proud (I think she really liked Vespas...)?

My friend and I sing this song at the top of our lungs ALL THE TIME. We occasionally attempt boyband-esque dances as well. There's also an English-language version (with the same video), but we think this one is far more ridiculous and laughable classier. (Actually, the English one is far sillier, since it's more easily understood, but the Spanish is more fun.)

Samba is the official dance of the Kenyon College Ballroom Dance Club, and this is the official club Samba :) It's silly, but catchy and stuck in my head.

Best sung at the top of your lungs late at night, surrounded by roommates et al. OH YES.

Love this song.